Who makes Komatsu forklifts?

(株式会社小松製作所, Kabushiki-gaisha Komatsu Seisakusho) or Komatsu (コマツ) (TYO: 6301) is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry and military equipment, as well as diesel engines and industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators.

Are Komatsu forklifts any good?

They are some very durable and dependable lifts that can handle any job put in their way. They also provide great customer service their very good about getting a technician out to you if any of your lifts goes down. Strengths: What can I say they have some of the best forklifts and stand up lifts in the business.

Where are Komatsu equipment made?

Much of the equipment Komatsu sells in China is manufactured at its U.S. plant in Peoria, Ill.

What engine is in a Komatsu Forklift?

High Performance Komatsu Engine

FD200/250-7 is powered by the Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine with 6-cylinders and 6.7liter displacement. This engine is also used in Komatsu construction machinery, and its durability is field-proven.

What company makes the best forklifts?

Top Forklift Manufacturers of 2021

  1. Toyota. This should come as no surprise to anyone. …
  2. KION Group. Kion Group is another fixture on the top forklift manufacturer’s list. …
  3. Jungheinrich Group. …
  4. Mitsubishi Logisnext. …
  5. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling (HYMP) …
  6. Crown Equipment. …
  7. Anhui Heli Forklift. …
  8. Komatsu.
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Who builds Komatsu engines?

In 1993, two joint ventures were formed with Cummins; Komatsu Cummins Engine Corporation (KCEC) to manufacture Cummins engines in Japan, and the Cummins Komatsu Engine Corporation (CKEC) to manufacture Komatsu engines in the United States.

Does Sumitomo own Komatsu?

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kuniharu Nakamura) in corporation with Komatsu Ltd. … In corporation with Komatsu , Sumitomo Corporation will continue to work on the sales of Komatsu mining equipment by utilizing export credit line for Mongolian government as appropriate.

Where are Komatsu bulldozers built?

Commonly referred to as the ‘world’s largest production bulldozer’, the D575A series bulldozers were produced by Komatsu Ltd. in Osaka, Japan.

How much diesel does a forklift use per hour?

On average, one forklift consumed 65 L of diesel fuel per day, 7 L per hour, 1.6 L per load, 0.7 L per ton, and 0.02 L per ton-meter.

How much does a Komatsu 25 weigh?

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 15.3 gal (58 l)
Number of Front Wheels 2
Number of Rear Wheels 2
Operating Weight 7941 lbs (3,602 kg)
Tire Type Pneumatic

What are the most reliable forklift brand?

Heavy-Lifters of the Forklift Brands

  1. Hyster. Hyster is one of the most recognizable brands of forklift in the world. …
  2. Yale. Yale is defacto #2, for being the second-most-recognizable and reliable brand in the world. …
  3. Hiab. …
  4. Toyota. …
  5. Komatsu.

Who makes Yale forklifts?

The Hyster® brand-still owned by the same family group that started the company – is acquired by NACCO Industries. With both the Yale® brand and Hyster® brand of lift trucks in its portfolio, NACCO Industries creates NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG) to integrate and manage the two companies as one.

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Where are Hyster forklifts made?

Description: Hyster-Yale’s Berea, Kentucky facility is a manufacturer of 1 – 9 ton internal combustion engine forklift trucks which are utilized in a wide variety of industries for materials handling solutions.