What information is on a forklift data plate?

What information is found on a forklift data load plate?

The data in the table specifies important information regarding the forklifts load handling capabilities: Load Height is the maximum height the forklift mast can lift a load. Maximum Capacity Mast Vertical is the maximum weight the forklift can lift when the mast is extended to its full height.

What is required information on a forklift nameplate?

The nameplate should include the weight of the forklift both with and without the battery. It should also include the forklift serial and model numbers. This is the best way for you and technicians to identify your machine.

What information is not included on a forklift nameplate?

Mast and Back Tilt – It is the maximum degree of angle the back tilt. It is better to understand so that operator be informed the tilting degree when loading goods. Weight of the Forklift – It refers to the weight of the truck without the load. Some nameplates don’t include the weight of the battery.

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How do you read a name plate on a forklift?

Max Lifting Height: The maximum lift height based on load centers. Load Center: This number indicates how far forward from the mast the balancing point of the load is. The further it is from the center, the less weight it can withstand. Back Tilt: The maximum degree of back tilt (tilting the load towards the operator).

What is a data plate?

What is a Data Plate? The Data Plate is a paper label affixed inside the home and is the size of a standard sheet of paper (8 ½” x 11”). The Data Plate can be found in a kitchen cabinet, an electrical panel, or a bedroom closet.

Which 3 items of information must be printed on a truck rating plate?

Three pieces of information that need to be on the capacity plate are: 1. The Rated Capacity (what the truck can lift). 2. The Lift Height (in mm) 3.

Does a forklift need a capacity plate?

Every forklift has a data plate, also known as a name plate or forklift capacity plate. As you probably guessed, it provides important information on how much weight the forklift can carry. The capacity listed on your forklift’s data plate cannot exceed the maximum capacity of any of its load bearing components.

What items can be found on a lift truck control panel?

Dash control panel – all lights and gauges are operational. Horn – working and loud enough to be heard in working environment; Back-up (reverse) alarm and other warning devices are operational. Lights – headlights and warning lights are operational.

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What can be found on all lift trucks?

The three major parts of a lift truck are the body (truck), overhead guard, and hydraulic lift.

What is a load backrest on a forklift?

Load backrests play an important role in keeping your drivers safe. They prevent your forklift’s load from falling toward the driver. It features a steel grid above the forks and attaches to the sides of the forklift carriage with heavy-duty, steel framing.

How do you find the load center on a forklift?

The standard load center is 24″ out from the forks’ vertical face. Let’s say we want to know how much weight we can carry with a load center of 30″. We divide 24″ (standard load center) by 30″ (actual load center) and then multiply it by the standard rated capacity of the forklift (let’s say 6,000 lbs.).

Do forklifts have VIN numbers?

VIN Number Location: On smaller models, on the left side at the rear, under the left support arm, same as Caterpillar. On larger machines on the left (highway) side behind the cab towards the rear of machine under the left lift arm.

What is the fulcrum point on a forklift?

The Forklift Fulcrum

The fulcrum is the central pivot point of a seesaw. The front axle is the fulcrum of the forklift where the counterweight and the load find balance.