What device may be used to hoist personnel?

Controlled load lowering. The load line hoist drum must have a system, other than the load line hoist brake, which regulates the lowering rate of speed of the hoist mechanism. This system or device must be used when hoisting personnel.

What is a personnel hoist?

Personnel hoist means a hoist that is installed inside or outside a building or structure during the construction, alteration, or demolition of the building or structure and that is used to raise and lower workers, other personnel, and materials which the hoist is designed to carry.

Can you hoist people with a crane?

The use of a crane or derrick to hoist employees on a personnel platform is prohibited, except when the erection, use, and dismantling of conventional means of reaching the worksite, such as a personnel hoist, ladder, stairway, aerial lift, elevating work platform or scaffold, would be more hazardous or is not possible …

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What PPE is required to operate a hoist?

PPE Requirements

Before you start, you should use all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) normally required for a work area, including eye and hand protection, and a hard hat. Any time a load is lifted above 5 feet or shoulder height, there is a greater risk of head injury.

When hoisting personnel The hoist operator must meet some specific qualifications?

The hoisting equipment must meet the following criteria when hoisting personnel: The equipment must be uniformly level, within one percent of level grade, and located on footing that a qualified person has determined to be sufficiently firm and stable.

Where the movement of materials may be hazardous to persons <UNK> or other devices shall be used to control the loads being handled by hoisting equipment?

06 Where the movement of materials may be hazardous to persons, taglines or other devices shall be used to control the loads being handled by hoisting equipment. These devices shall be nonconductive when used near energized lines.

When a crane is used to lift personnel the rope design factor is?

The design factor for all fibre rope is 5. For hoisting or supporting personnel, the design factor is 10.

Is it legal for one person to use a hoist?

It’s not a legal requirement for two people to use a hoist. It’s worth noting that some track hoist systems require two carers to operate the hoist for safety reasons, and some companies and care providers state that it is their policy that staff only hoist a patient when there are two carers available to do so.

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Are Man baskets allowed on a forklift?

Additions such as fork extension and man basket or any modification to the forklift can affect the load capacity and safe operation of the truck. The forklift manufacturer prohibits such addition or alteration unless they allow it so.

When using a crane to suspend workers on a personnel platform the loaded platform and its rigging must not exceed?

Capacity: Use of suspended personnel platforms. The total load (with the platform loaded, including the hook, load line and rigging) must not exceed 50 percent of the rated capacity for the radius and configuration of the equipment, except during proof testing.

What is the wire rope size for hoisting personnel?

All sheaves used in the boom hoist reeving system must have a rope pitch diameter of not less than 18 times the nominal diameter of the rope used. The operating design factor for the boom hoist reeving system must be not less than five.

How often should a personnel platform trial lift be performed?

The load must be evenly distributed and held suspended for five minutes. A trial lift (above) must be conducted for each location the platform will be lifted to. This trial lift must also be repeated each time the crane is moved to a new position.

Does OSHA require a crane lift plan?

A Crane Lift Plan is required for every crane lift on a Dimeo project – see OSHA Subpart CC for definition of crane. … The Crane Lift Plan may be valid for more than one day, as long as the configuration, location, and parameters used for developing “worst case” condition have not changed.

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Which of these terms is a machine used to lift and move materials from side to side?

A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places.

What should be displayed on each piece of materials handling equipment?

shall have a rated capacity noted on it that determines the maximum weight the equipment can safely handle and the conditions under which it can handle that weight. Employers must ensure that the equipment-rated capacity is displayed on each piece of equipment.

When should a tagline be used during lifting operations?

The intent of the standard is to assure that all loads that pose a hazard to employees are under control at all times. For example, if wind or other adverse conditions can cause the load to swing, rotate, or become unbalanced, then tag lines must be used to control the load.