How wide is a standard forklift?

Let’s say for example a standard forklift you may have in your workplace typically its width measures between 4 to 7 feet while its length is 8 to 10 feet. The dimensions such as the overall height, max fork height, collapsed height, overall length, fork length should also be taken into consideration.

How wide is the average forklift?

Standard forklifts generally measure between 4 to 7 ft wide and 8 to 10 ft long. Outdoor or rough terrain forklifts can be greater than 10 ft in length. Narrow aisle forklifts like walkie stackers and side loaders can measure less than 5 ft.

How wide is a warehouse forklift?

As a rule, sit-down counterbalanced forklifts need aisles at least 12 feet wide to handle standard 48-inch pallets. Stand-up deep-reach forklift: These material movers are made for narrower aisle work than conventional sit-down machines.

How much space does a forklift need?

Calculating 12 inches of clearance will help to ensure you have enough space to accommodate your forklift’s turn radius, so you can turn in the aisle and help protect against potentially unsafe situations resulting from operator error.

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What is the standard width of a warehouse aisle?

Warehouse Aisle Width Challenges

All warehouses and distribution centers are not created equal. Some have the space for standard width aisles (about 12 feet) and the traditional counterbalance sit-down forklifts that can operate in them. Others, however, configure their aisles in widths considerably narrower.

How wide is a small forklift?

Even though the size of your forklift can vary, the dimensions for most four-wheel IC and Cushion forklifts range from a width of three feet for the smaller models, and up to eight feet for larger forklifts.

What is the standard distance between the forks on a forklift?

Counterbalance forklifts, also known as a forkift trucks, fork trucks or forklifts, are the most common type of material handling equipment and are characterised by a lifting unit, which consists of a mast and, typically, a forklift fork with 1.2 metres distance between the forks.

How wide is a Toyota forklift?


Free lift 6.2 in (16 cm)
Overall Width 3.8 ft (1 m)
Right Angle Stack 8.9 ft (3 m)
Turning Radius 7.3 ft (2 m)
Wheelbase 5.5 ft (2 m)

Which is the most common aisle width?

Also is known as “wide aisles,” conventional aisles are generally between 12 and 13 feet wide. They are the most frequently used in warehouses because they can accommodate a variety of equipment. It is likely that if your warehouse is a bit older, you are currently dealing with conventional aisles.

What is the length of trucks on a forklift?

A safe distance shall be maintained approximately three truck lengths from the truck ahead, and the truck shall be kept under control at all times.

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How do you determine the aisle width of a forklift?

A good rule of thumb for determining the aisle requirement for a wide-aisle forklift is to measure the distance from the load backrest to the counterweight (a.k.a the headlength) . Then measure the length of the load. This might be a 48″ long pallet. Add to their sum an additional 12″ for mneuverability.

What is the minimum aisle width?

Generally, the aisle of an indoor or outdoor exit route must be at least 28 inches wide at all points. This is the minimum permitted width for an emergency exit door – the door that leads to the exit aisle – and the aisle must be at least as wide as the door. However, the test is one of capacity.

How far apart should pallet racks be?

As shown in the table above, to avoid damage or unintended impacts with rack components, pallets should have a minimum clearance of 3 inches between two pallets or one pallet and the upright frame.

How wide should a forklift aisle be OSHA?

The recommended width of aisles is at least 3 feet wider than the largest equipment to be utilized, or a minimum of 4 feet.

What is a narrow aisle forklift truck?

Narrow aisle forklifts, known as trilateral or bilateral turret trucks, are machines for working in narrow aisles (of between 59 inches and 70.9 inches). Thanks to this equipment storage capacity notably increases. These forklifts can raise a load to heights of more than 45.9 feet.

What is very narrow aisle?

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking (VNA) is an adaptation of standard adjustable pallet racking systems, but compacted into a very small area, creating a high-density storage system that makes it possible to increase the capacity of the warehouse without expanding the space.

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