Your question: Why is post harvest management important?

The importance of post-harvest management has been established over the years—it strengthens the action chain that produces, transports, and processes food and all other related products that give sustenance to the world population.

Why is post harvesting important?

Post-harvest plays a very important role in crop production as it determines the final product’s quality. If the crops turned out to be in good condition after postharvest it can be sold as fresh consumption. … These technologies will make sure that products will meet the food and nutritional needs of the consumers.

What is postharvest management?

Postharvest management is a set of post-production practices that includes: cleaning, washing, selection, grading, disinfection, drying, packing and storage.

How does a country benefit by proper postharvest management?

Reduction of post-harvest losses can increase food availability to the growing world population, decrease the area needed for production, and conserve natural resources.

Why is post harvest management sustainable?

A good post harvest management reduces spoilage by preserving seasonal surplus and cull fruits and vegetables, which often lie rotting on the roadside. Processing and value addition increases food availability, generates cattle feed by converting factory waste thus reduces garbage accumulation.

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What is the importance of post harvest fisheries in the Philippine fisheries sector?

Post-harvest fisheries is considered a critical sub-sector and plays a very significant role in contributing to national food and nutrition security, livelihood of the people, and the national economy.

Why packaging of harvested crops is important?

Large commercial quantities of produce need better packaging in order to minimize losses and achieve the most economical use of transport. The aim is to protect the produce from damage in handling, transport and storage and to provide easily handled and counted containers of uniform size.

What is the importance of post-harvest handling in fresh fruits and vegetables?

Utilizing improved postharvest practices often results in reduced food losses, improved overall quality and food safety, and higher profits for growers and marketers. 22. Storage life will be enhanced if the temperature during the postharvest period is kept as close to the optimum as feasible for a given commodity.

What management techniques would you suggest to reduce post-harvest losses?

Losses can be minimized by physically avoiding the entry of insects and rodents, and maintaining the environmental conditions that avoid growth of microorganisms. The knowledge of control points during harvesting and drying before storage can help in reducing losses during the storage of cereals.

What are the causes of postharvest losses?

Causes of post-harvest loss in this stage include limited availability of suitable varieties for processing, lack of appropriate processing technologies, inadequate commercialization of new technologies and lack of basic infrastructure, inadequate facilities and infrastructure, and insufficient promotion of processed …

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What would be the techniques to reduce losses of the produce?

Keep Your Produce Cool

After harvesting, move the product to the processing facility as soon as possible, and move the fruit into a cooler quickly after processing. Procedures to increase the rate of cooling include forced air cooling (within the storage room), hydro cooling, and icing (not always recommended).