Why crops should be harvested at the right age required by the market?

Why is it important to harvest crops at the proper stage of maturity?

Harvesting at the ideal moment is crucial for the quality development after harvest and for attaining the longest postharvest life. Fruits harvested before the appropriate stage of maturation and ripening may not attain optimum quality after harvest, may become more sensitive to certain disorders (such as chilling …

Why should we only harvest at the right time?

Harvesting quickly and on time are the key to a good harvest. If you harvest too late, the potatoes and onions will sprout (germinate), resulting in a poor quality product which will continue to sprout right up until it is consumed. Harvest too early, and the potato and onion yield will decrease.

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Why do farmers should know the right time when to harvest their crops?

It’s important to know when to harvest since the correct time of harvest is crucial in preventing crop losses. … Timely harvesting ensure good crop quality and market value. Harvesting too early or too late will result in larger percentage of unfaild or imature/premature fruits which will result in lower yield.

Why is proper harvesting important to succeed in marketing or selling the vegetables?

The packing of produce directly into marketing packages in the field at harvest reduces the damage caused by multiple handling and is used increasingly by commercial growers.

When should I harvest my crops?

Harvest warm season crops first thing in the morning and cool season crops in mid-morning after dew and frost have cleared. This is easy for me to remember because I want to beat the heat and head out first thing in the summer. In winter, I want to stay warm inside longer and head out to harvest once the sun is up.

Why some vegetables are harvested early?

Almost all vegetables are best when harvested early in the morning. Overnight, vegetables regain moisture that they lost during the day, and starches formed during the day may be converted to sugars during the evening. These traits make morning-harvested produce crisper, juicier, and sweeter.

Why do farmers harvest crops at night?

Nighttime harvest can provide fruit that retains significantly better internal and external quality: sugars, acids, flavor compounds, color, firmness, etc. Even the mechanical act of separating fruit from stem or pruning can be easier at night, when the crop plant and its parts are less stressed.

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What is the importance of maturity indices in harvesting fruits and vegetables?

2.1. 1 Maturity index for fruits and vegetables. The principles dictating at which stage of maturity a fruit or vegetable should be harvested are crucial to its subsequent storage and marketable life and quality.

Why do farmers harvest crops in dry season?

Because of the heavy run off from the rains from October to March most family farmers protect their growing crops through a program of raised mounds, so the run off will be slowed, and keep from washing dirt and crops away in large run-off flooding. …

Why is proper harvest and post harvest handling important?

Proper management of post-harvest systems can serve as a major help in resolving various social and economic issues. A significant decrease in post-harvest loss can alleviate food insecurity all over the world. Simultaneously, food safety can be ensured by protecting commodities from mold growth and contamination.

Is it important to harvest perishables the right way?

Because of the perishable nature of vegetables, harvesting and handling speed is of utmost importance as soon as harvest maturity has occurred. Every producer should have products reach the end consumer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they have no control once the produce leaves their farm or packing sheds.

How does harvesting affect the quality and price of the produce products?

Improved harvesting and handling of produce will result in a product with better appearance and shelf life and thus better prices. Time of day for harvesting. Ideally, harvesting should take place when the crop and the climate are coolest and the plant has the highest moisture content.

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How are harvested crops taken to the market?

In recent times, machines called harvesters are used for harvesting, especially in large-scale farming. Followed by harvesting, threshing of the crop has to be performed. Threshing is the process, in which, the collected grains are separated from the chaff by beating or by the threshing machine.

How do proper harvesting and post harvest handling extend the freshness and quality of agricultural produce?

When the fruit is harvested, its quality cannot be improved but it can be maintained by using best post-harvest practices. Transport and storage are two critical phases before the product reaches the customer. After harvesting there is sorting, grading, packing, and transport of fruit to storage or market.