Who makes Titan tractors?

Where is Titan equipment manufactured?

Titan’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Decatur, Tennessee and was established in 2014 by father and son team, Mike and Baily Turner. This father and son team are building a company that is leading the development and production of innovative agricultural and rural-lifestyle equipment.

Are Titan attachments made in China?

Our United Attachments are made right here in the United States and powder coated by Corey McCabe out of Memphis TN!

Where are Titan finish mowers made?

Titan’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Decatur, Tennessee and was established in 2014.

What does Titan Machinery make?

Titan Machinery owns and operates a network of over 70 full-service agriculture and construction equipment stores across a 9-state footprint in the United States and 6 countries in Europe. At our stores, we sell new and used construction and farm equipment, as well as offer construction rental equipment.

Who owns Titan equipment?

Board of Directors

David Joseph Meyer Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Titan Machinery, Inc., North Dakota Community Foundation, Evans Scholars Foundation, Western Golf Association, University of Minnesota Foundation
Stanley K. Erickson Electromed, Inc., Titan Machinery, Inc.
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Who owns Titan implements?

Mike Turner, who is now co-owner of Titan Implement, was commended for his entrepreneurialism on Thursday by the McMinn County Economic Development Authority and City of Athens. In 1974, Turner started working for Taylor Pittsburg Manufacturing, mainly loading trucks and cleaning.

Where does Titan attachments ship from?

Many items are delivered in 3 days and most are delivered in 2 days, thanks to our warehouses in Fresno, California, Memphis, Tennessee and Horn Lake, Mississippi.

Where is Nova tractor made?

NOVA TRACTOR CORPORATION, we are located in Houston, Texas. We supply the best value tractor attachments in the US market. We are ISO 9001 approved factory. For any questions, please call our engineers here in Houston Texas.

Who makes Kodiak rotary cutters?

Now a part of the Paladin Light Construction Group, Kodiak continues to produce an extensive range of rotary cutters and continues to expand their product offering for both tractors and skid steers.

What does a flail mower do?

A flail mower cuts with “ flails”, y- or t-shaped blades, attached to a long shaft. This shaft, powered through PTO drive, runs parallel to the ground, and as it rotates these blades shred biomass. … Brush hogs are great for mowing large over-grown grassy areas and can tackle tall, thick grass with ease.

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How many locations does Titan Machinery have?

With over 100 Titan Machinery locations between the United States and Europe, you can find your dealership here!

Is Titans real?

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