What years did John Deere make snowmobiles?

What year did they stop making John Deere snowmobiles?

1982: John Deere stopped producing snowmobiles in 1982 when they sold their business to another company – Polaris.

Who manufactured John Deere snowmobiles?

Liquifire (1980 – 1984)

The John Deere Snowmobile line was produced by John Deere Horicon Works of Horicon, Wisconsin. At that time, production would shift between the snowmobiles and lawn & garden equipment, based on the season. Deere lawn & garden products are still produced there.

What engine was in John Deere snowmobile?

A 438cc CCW KEC 440/21 motor replaced the 436cc CCW KEC 440/4 powerplant of the Model 500. Bore and stoke were slightly different, the 438 got a slightly bigger carb, and the final gearing was changed.

What happened Scorpion snowmobile?

In February, Trail-A-Sled, Inc. is sold to Fuqua Industries who later changes it’s name to Scorpion, Inc. The company claims to be the second largest Minnesota-based manufacturer of snowmobiles.

Did Honda ever make a snowmobile?

Given Honda’s presence in the two-stroke world, and that they’ve made seemingly every form of transportation from jet airplanes to 50cc mopeds, it’s surprising they never got into snowmobiles. Well, actually, they did, with a single production run of between 300 and 500 White Foxes in 1973.

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Which snowmobile gets the best gas mileage?

The Rotax 900 ACE engine delivers the best fuel economy. I can get about 340 kilometres per tank of gas. So if you’re in the market for a new sled, do yourself a favour and take a serious look at the Ski-Doo snowmobiles with 900 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) engines.

Who made Rupp snowmobile engines?

Although Rupp designed, engineered, and marketed their 1977 line-up, the Rupps were actually produced and assembled by Arctic Cat. The 1977 Rupp 440 Nitro was heralded as one of the fasted tested muscle sleds by snowmobile magazines and featured an 80HP motor capable of attaining speeds in excess of 80MPH.

When did Scorpion snowmobiles go out of business?

Their plan was to market the Scorpion snowmobiles as a more affordable line. 1979 was probably the most successful season ever for the Scorpion snowmobiles, as the Scorpion Squadron race team took the racetrack by storm. The end of the Scorpion, however, came in 1981 when Arctic Enterprises declared bankruptcy.

What happened to Redline snowmobiles?

After some starts and stops, Redline ceased snowmobile operations on May 10, 2004, though the brand name later appeared in off-road buggies.

Who bought Scorpion snowmobile?

Scorpion was eventually bought out by Arctic Cat, and when Arctic Cat had financial troubles in the early ’80s, they stopped their production of Scorpion Sleds. “So, the name basically found its way to history and for a lot of people was forgotten,” Harrison said.