What was the horsepower of the JD 730 tractor?

What year was the John Deere 730 made?

Deere introduced the 730 diesel in August of 1958 for the 1959 model year. The tractor was available in three chassis types: row crop, standard and Hi-Crop, and with any of four engines: gasoline, all-fuel, LP-gas or diesel.

What is the largest 2 cylinder John Deere tractor?

On Classic Tractor on RFD TV tonight, they showed a running John Deere 830 which was the largest and most powerful of the 2 cylinder Deeres built at 472 cubic inches and 81 pto hp.

How much horsepower does a John Deere 720 have?

John Deere 720

John Deere 720 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 53 hp 39.5 kW
PTO (claimed): 59 hp 44.0 kW
Belt (claimed): 50.67 hp 37.8 kW
Drawbar (tested): 53.41 hp 39.8 kW

How much horsepower does a John Deere 830 have?

For starting, the 830 offered a 4-cylinder gasoline pony engine, or a 24-volt electric start.

John Deere 830.

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John Deere 830 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 69.66 hp 51.9 kW
Belt (claimed): 75.6 hp 56.4 kW
Plows: 6
Drawbar (tested): 67.15 hp 50.1 kW

What year was the Black Knight made?

About 550 “Golden Opportunity” tractors were sent to dealers.; A 1971 Case 1170 “Black Knight”, With the success of the “Golden Opportunity” promotion, the company continued with a similar promotion with the “Black Knight” painted tractors.; A 1976 Case 1570 ”Spirit of 76”, In 1976 Case built about 200-300 of these …

How much does a John Deere G weight?

John Deere Model G

John Deere G
Length 135 inches (340 cm)
Width 84 inches (210 cm)
Height 61.5 inches (156 cm) (to steering wheel)
Weight 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg)

What was the first year of the Oliver 88?

In 1948, Oliver introduced a “New Fleet of Quality Tractors.” This series actually started in 1947 with the introduction of what we now call the “Old-Style 88.” This model used the same styling at the 60 and 70.

How many horsepower does a John Deere G have?

John Deere G

John Deere G Power
Drawbar (claimed): 36.01 hp 26.9 kW
Belt (claimed): 39.80 hp 29.7 kW
Plows: 3 (14-inch)
Drawbar (tested): 34.49 hp 25.7 kW

How much horsepower does a John Deere 520 have?

Engine performance

Rated power 382 kW 520 hp
Drawbar power
PTO torque rise 38 percent
Fuel injection system and control
Air cleaner type

How much horsepower does a John Deere 40 have?

John Deere 40

John Deere 40 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 16.77 hp 12.5 kW
Belt (claimed): 21.13 hp 15.8 kW
Drawbar (tested): 21.71 hp 16.2 kW
Belt (tested): 24.25 hp 18.1 kW
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What does the R mean on John Deere tractors?

If you see just “John Deere,” the “r” is part of the name of the gentleman who established the company. If you see an “R” in a circle next to the name, “John Deere®,” it signifies that “John Deere” is a registered trademark.

What was the best tractor ever made?

The full list can be viewed in the magazine, but here are five of the top-ranked tractors:

  • FARMALL Model H. Manufactured from 1939-1953, a total of 391,227 units were built, and this tractor cost $2,000 in 1953. …
  • FORD Model 8N. …
  • FARMALL Model M. …
  • John Deere Model B. …
  • John Deere Model 4020.

How much horsepower does a John Deere 80 have?

John Deere 80

John Deere 80 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 46.32 hp 34.5 kW
Belt (claimed): 57.49 hp 42.9 kW
Drawbar (tested): 60.36 hp 45.0 kW
Belt (tested): 65.33 hp 48.7 kW