What is the length of a John Deere 1025r with loader?

How long is a John Deere 2025R with loader?

John Deere’s 2025R measures 109.2” long and carries all 1,660 lbs of its base weight on a 63” wheelbase.

How much does the John Deere 1025R with loader weight?

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Engine power (gross) SAE J1995 rated power: 17.8 kW 23.9 hp 24.2 PS at 3200 rpm
Standard transmission; forward/reverse Hydrostatic – two range
Cruise control Standard
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab) Open station: 706 kg 1556 lb Cab: 906 kg 1996 lb
Wheelbase 1450 mm 57.1 in.

How tall is a John Deere 1025R with cab?

The field-installed cab offers protection from the elements and expands the versatility of 1025R Tractors to perform in all climates. Specifications: Cab height: 1525 mm (60 in.) Overall height when installed: 1990 mm (78.4 in.)

What size trailer do I need for a John Deere 1025R?

We use an 18′ aluminum car hauler for moving our 1025R FILB & 3038E. Definitely would not want something smaller than 16′ with the 1025R. Extra length is a big plus for getting the right weight distribution with varying attachments being hauled. Definitely get brakes on both axles and a decent brake controller.

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How long is a John Deere 2025R?

John Deere 2025R Dimensions

Wheelbase: 63 inches 160 cm
Length: 109.2 inches 277 cm
Width: 37 inches 93 cm *
51 inches 129 cm

How tall is John Deere 2025R with cab?

Specifications: Cab height: 1495 mm (58.9 in.) Overall height when installed: 2040 mm (80.3 in.) Overall height when installed to top of beacon: 2210 mm (87 in.)

How much does a backhoe attachment cost?

An attachment with an 8″ bucket starts at around $1,800. As bucket size increases, so does price. In-cab controls operate the swing option, which moves the backhoe attachment left and right. You’ll pay around $3,000 for a 12″ bucket without the swing option and between $5,000 and $5,500 for the same backhoe with swing.

How much can a 1025R loader lift?

It is small enough to fit your sub-compact tractors like the 1023E and 1025R but has the capacity to lift 570 lb. With over 6 feet of lift height, and easy removal and attach features, this loader is the perfect accessory for your sub-compact tractor this season.

How much does a John Deere 1025R weight with backhoe?

Base Tractor Shipping Weight: 1444 lbs. H120 Loader with 49″ bucket: 541 lbs. 260 Backhoe w/12″ bucket: 604 lbs.

What is the length of a 1025R with loader and backhoe?

John Deere 1025R Dimensions

Wheelbase: 57.1 inches 145 cm
Length: 87.6 inches 222 cm
102.6 inches 260 cm (with hitch)
Width: 47.2 inches 119 cm (R3 tires) 47.3 (R4 tires)

What size bucket does a John Deere 1025R have?

49″ or 53″ Bucket for 1025R.

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What size bucket does a 1025R have?

John Deere 1025R Attachments

John Deere H120 Loader
Loader weight: 541 lbs 245 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 500mm): 686 lbs 311 kg
Bucket width: 49 inches 124 cm
53 inches 134 cm

What kind of trailer do I need to haul a tractor?

Gooseneck Trailers are an especially convenient and safe option to consider when hauling tractors or other heavy machinery. AJ’s gooseneck trailers range from 28′ to 36′ long and can carry up to 24,000 pounds.

What can a sub compact tractor do?

Did You Know? 5 Tasks You Can Do with a Sub-Compact Tractor

  1. Mowing. A CUT can be used to mow. …
  2. Gardening. A CUT can be used for gardening. …
  3. Landscaping. A CUT can be used for landscaping. …
  4. Animal Management. A CUT can be used for animal management tasks. …
  5. Snow Clearing. A CUT can be used for snow and ice management.