What is the biggest Steiger Tractor?

The Tiger IV is the largest Steiger built to date at 525 hp (the CaseIH Steiger STX 500 at 500 hp is catching up). The Tiger IV was powered by a Cummins KTA 1150.

Are Steiger tractors still made?

The Steigers first built a tractor in their workshop for their own use out of truck components, before beginning broader manufacturing and marketing of tractors in the United States and Canada. The tractor brand was acquired by Case IH in 1986, who continued production of tractor models under the name Steiger.

How much horsepower does a Steiger tractor have?

Steiger tractors offer up to 682 peak horsepower — the most in the industry. And with 10 percent Power Growth capabilities built into all our engines, they can handle even more in difficult conditions without compromising performance.

Where are Steiger tractors built?

Steiger was founded near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, USA by Douglas and Maurice Steiger, brothers who needed a reliable, high-powered, articulated four-wheel drive tractor in 1957. The tractor division of Steiger Farms was moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 1969.


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Founded 1957
Parent Case IH

When was the first Steiger tractor built?

It also means the Quadtrac retains the title of the most powerful production tractor in the world. Power comes from a six-cylinder engine from FPT Industrial, a separate arm of the Case New Holland empire. It’s the same 12,900cc unit as before but now with two intercoolers and heavyweight torque of 2,941Nm.

Who did Steiger built tractors for?

Steiger had worked itself into a tough spot. By the early ’70s, the company had grown very quickly, but they didn’t have the capital to keep the doors open. They were building tractors for Allis Chalmers and a Canadian company called Co-Op, but between development costs and salaries, the company was strapped for cash.

How many horsepower is a Steiger Panther?

Steiger farm tractors by power

Model Power Years
Panther IV SM-325 325 hp 1984 – 1985
Panther KP-1325 325 hp 1982 – 1985
9170 335 hp 1986 – 1990
Panther 1000 335 hp 1986

What does Steiger mean?

Steiger is a German word for “climber” or “mine manager”.

Who Makes Big Bud tractors?

Big Bud was a brand of articulated tractors built by the Northern Manufacturing Co., later renamed Big Bud Tractors, of Harve, Montana, USA. The Big Bud 747 tractor was for many years the biggest tractor in the World at 900 hp (670 kW).

Big Bud.

Predecessor Northern Manufacturing Co.
Products agriculture machinery tractor

Where was the first Steiger tractor built?

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, United States
Steiger Tractor/Место основания
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