What is the best baler?

What is the easiest round baler to operate?

The Ibex mini round baler is the simplest, easiest to use mechanical baler on the market today and is as close as you can get to a “plug and play” baler. With the ability to produce 90 bales per hour, it’s perfect for small operations of 5-20 acres.

What is the fastest round baler?

Last year John Deere announced that one of its new 900-series round balers – the 960 – had romped through a field of straw at a rate of 127 bales/hour, setting, in the process, a new world record. … Working in straw in last year’s harvest, this baler made 1.25m diameter bales, at a rate of 149/ hour, trumping the Deere.

What makes a good baler?

When purchasing a baler, consider the size and power of the tractor. The tractor horsepower needed for baling will depend on baler size, whether fields are level or sloped, desired baling speed, whether hay or baleage is being made, and if a bale accumulator is part of the package.

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How do I choose a round baler?

There are several important factors to consider before purchasing a round baler.

  1. PTO Horsepower. If you already own a tractor, be sure to select a baler model that your tractor can handle. …
  2. Bale Size. There are a couple of different options when it comes to bale size in balers. …
  3. Hay Type. …
  4. Wrap. …
  5. Features. …
  6. Customer Service.

How many bales is a round baler good for?

Most colors of balers made in the last 15 years or so are going to be able to make 600 bales a year with little or no down time, if, IF you do your preseason maintenance.

What HP do you need for a round baler?

John Deere Baler Horsepower Requirements

Model PTO HP (Minimum)
460 R 65 hp
560M / 560M Silage 75 hp
560R 75 hp
450M MegaWide™ HC 80 hp

How many round bales can you bale in an hour?

Using an individual bale wrapper, experienced workers can wrap 25-30 bales or more per hour. This is approximately the same number of bales covered by a 20 in. x 6,000 ft. or 30 in.

How fast should you round bale hay?

If windrows are uniform, full-width and good-sized, you should be able to travel at about 4 to 6 mph (6 to 9 km/h). Choose a pick-up speed that minimizes the agitation of the hay to reduce leaf loss. If the windrows are small and light, reduce the rpm’s to prevent an overly dense bale, but keep the ground speed up.

How fast can you run a round baler?

Subject: RE: Round baling MPH? 5-8 mph here. Typically 2 13ft swaths raked together. Typically baling about 30 bales per hr on 1.5-2 bales per acre stuff.

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How much does a John Deere baler cost?

By keeping it simple, the baler comes in the affordable range of $21,000 to $22,000. For comparison, the next model in the 9 series lineup – the 459 – starts around $25,000 and goes up to $35,000, depending on the options selected.

How much horsepower does it take to run a hay baler?

Most standard square balers on the market require 35 horsepower at your tractor’s PTO, and a minimum tractor weight of around 3000 pounds. That means that they cannot be run with today’s compact tractors.

How much is a new hay baler?

For harvesting 4-foot-by-5-foot round bales, estimated new equipment costs are $25,000 for a rotary mower/conditioner, $5,500 for a 10-foot rake, $35,000 for the baler and $55,000 for an adequate-sized tractor.

Can you bale hay with a silage baler?

Silage special is made to pick wet or dry hay. Farmers who want to make “hay in a day” can bale up green wet hay can use a silage baler for this. The SS balers have heavier bearings, rollers and scrapers that can handle heavier crop.

What are different types of hay balers?

Single-ram baler: A single-ram baler is a baling machine that contains one cylinder. Because this baler is relatively smaller than the two-ram baler, it is best for small and medium commodities. Closed door baler: This baler bales clear plastic film. American baler: This baler bales corrugated materials.

Can you bale dry hay with a silage baler?

Any of the silage balers will also roll dry hay. The big difference in silage balers is the pickup. They are made heavier and with an extra bar in the pickup. The teeth are larger in diameter also.

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