What is Rio button on John Deere?

The reverse implement option (RIO) on a John Deere riding mower is designed to allow cutting blades and implements to operate while a mower, such as the X500, is in reverse. The RIO button must be pressed before the transmission is shifted into reverse.

What is the Rio button on a John Deere tractor?

Reverse Implement Option (RIO) allows operator to mow while backing up if deemed necessary. Mowing while backing up is strongly discouraged.

How do you turn off the reverse safety on a John Deere riding lawn mower?

Locate the reverse safety switch near the same side as the battery on your John Deere mower. There will be a plastic wire harness with wires. Grasp the wire harness and press down on the side tabs with your thumbs then pull them apart to unplug it.

What is operator controlled mow in reverse?

If you shift into reverse before you press the RIO button, then the mower’s safety feature activates, and the engine shuts off to prevent reverse operation. If this happens, you must switch to the ignition to the Off position, apply the brake, and restart the engine.

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How do you turn off the Rio on a John Deere lawn mower?

Raise the hood on the mower. Look up under the dash of the John Deere mower, beside the steering column, for the RIO switch and wire. Grip the connector on the end of the wire and pull it straight out to disconnect if from the back of the RIO switch, instructs Weekend Hobby Mechanic.

Where are the safety switches on a John Deere riding mower?

John Deere riding mowers come equipped with seat safety switches located directly under the operator’s seat. When the operator stands, an electrical circuit is broken, and the mower cannot be placed into gear.

Do lawn tractors have reverse?

Mow-in-Reverse Mechanisms

Lawn tractors automatically stop blade movement the instant you shift into reverse. To mow in reverse, you have to hold in a button the entire time you’re mowing in reverse or turn the key to the reverse position and then reposition the key when you want to move forward.

Is it bad to mow in reverse?

Simply, put, your mower will not perform as well when mowing in reverse. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the most immediately noticeable problems is that the grass will not get discharged underneath the deck. The cut is irregular, since mowing backwards means that the blades are running in reverse.

Do all zero turn mowers cut in reverse?

12. Many cheap zero-turn mowers do not mow in reverse. They will zero-turn (pull one lever back to rotate one tire in reverse while the other tire goes forward) but the deck shuts off when you pull both levers back.

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