What is a John Deere STS Combine?

The combine harvester, simply known as a combine, is a machine that harvests grain crop for farmers. The John Deere STS series allows for individuals to complete reaping, threshing and winnowing operations in a consolidated process.

What does STS mean on JD combine?

The Single Tine Separator )STS) is the heart and soul of the most productive combine on the market, the John Deere 9860 STS. John Deere’s 1999 introduction of its 50 Series Combines – featuring the Single Tine Separator (STS) – represented a bold step forward in harvesting technology for the company.

What class is a John Deere 9870 STS?

John Deere’s largest combine, the 9870 STS, is a Class VIII combine that can hold 350 bu. of grain.

What is the smallest combine John Deere makes?

The John Deere 9650 is the smallest of the STS series, but allows the operator to drive it up and down hills with better control while maintaining a programmed speed. While the 9560 may be the smallest in the series, it still packs remarkable power.

How much does the X9 combine cost?

The two new combines, the X9 1000 and X9 1100, will be available in 2021. Reicks says price information will be available later this summer. The combines from the X Series predecessor, the S Series, can be found advertised on online equipment listings for more than $400,000 used.

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What is the difference between a chaffer and sieve?

is that sieve is a device to , in a granular material, larger particles from smaller ones, or to separate solid objects from a liquid while chaffer is bargaining; merchandise or chaffer can be (agriculture) the upper sieve of a cleaning shoe in a combine harvester, where chaff is removed.

How much horsepower does a s670 have?


Engine type 9.0 L/548 cu in.
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Rated power 292/278 kW/391/373 hp
Power boost @ rated speed 25 kW/34 hp
Fuel capacity 950 L/250 gal.

How much horsepower does a 9570 John Deere have?

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Key Specs:
Engine displacement 14.9 L 912 cu in.
Rated engine power 419 kW 570 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE) 249 kW 335 hp
Transmission type Standard: John Deere e18™ 18-speed PowerShift with Efficiency Manager™: 40 km/h 25 mph

How much horsepower does a John Deere 9510 combine have?

John Deere PowerTech™ engine delivers 275 hp on the John Deere 9610 Combine and 240 hp on the John Deere 9510 Combine.