What is a BCS tractor?

The BCS tractor is the power source that operates the range of attachments suited to your needs and circumstance. When matching a particular tractor model to a particular set of attachments, we considered such factors as engine horsepower, number of working speeds, weight distribution, and balance.

Are BCS tractors any good?

The BCS is a great option for somebody who doesn’t have the resources to purchase a large tractor, or somebody who has the need for a number of specialty attachments. It’s also great exercise because you get to walk along with it. This is really the perfect tool for the small market gardener (or the crazy hobbiest).

How much does a BCS tractor cost?

Our most popular walk behind tractor, the 853 has enough horsepower to power nearly all the BCS implements and features a third working speed and a fourth transport speed for rear-mount (tiller) mode.

Model 853.

Retail Price Sale Price
Electric start – Honda 13HP Gasoline $5450.00 $5150.00

What is a BCS mower?

The BCS 740F Flail Mower is based around our most popular two wheel tractor, the BCS 740, and is the most versatile machine in the range with its ability to be fitted with over 25 different attachments. As the 740F it can be fitted with the 65cm or 85cm flail mower attachment.

What is a rotary plow?

Rotary plows or tillers (sometimes called rototillers) have curved cutting knives mounted on a horizontal power-driven shaft. … Deep tillage implements, used chiefly to break up hardpan and packed soils, include the subsoiler and the chisel plow.

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Who makes sickle bar mowers?

Here’s a brand new machine that costs about the same as they always have. It comes from Durabilt-Rossi, the global leader in sickle bar mower production. Their sickle bar mowers have an allowable cut from- 45° to + 90° horizontally, perfect for mowing hedges, ditches, pond banks, etc.