What is a 2N Ford tractor?

The new, stripped-down tractors were designated 2N (‘2’ for 1942). The first 2N tractors were built with steel wheels and magneto ignitions and had to be started with a hand crank because they had no battery or starter.

How do I know if my Ford tractor is a 2N?

The best way to identify a tractor is by the serial number. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The hundred series and “01” series tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter.

How wide is a 2N Ford tractor?

Ford 2N Dimensions

Length: 115 inches 292 cm
Width: 64 inches 162 cm
Height: 52 inches 132 cm
Weight: 3070 lbs 1392 kg

Whats the difference between a Ford 8n and 9N?

For starts, the 8n tractors have a four speed transmission while the order 9n tractors had a three speed transmission. … This lets you control your speed and power a bit more. One way you can easily tell between 8n and 9n Ford tractors is if it has foot pegs.

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How old is a 2n tractor?

Farm Tractors – Ford Model ‘2N’ This two-tone gray and red-painted, semi-streamlined tractor was built in 1946. It is an “offspring” of the Ford 9N which was produced from 1939 – 1941.

When did Ford make 2n tractors?

The Ford N-series tractors were a line of farm tractors produced by Ford between 1939 and 1952, spanning the 9N, 2N, and 8N models.

What is the difference between a 2N and a 9N tractor?

Dimensions. The Ford 2N and 9N had similar dimensions, except for the operating weights: the 2N handled 3,070 pounds while the 9N could handle 3,375 pounds. Both tractors had an overall length of 115 inches, a width of 64 inches and a height of 52 inches. Each tractor also had a ground clearance of 13 inches.

How can you tell the difference between an 8N and 9N Ford tractor?

Serial Number

The best way to differentiate an 8N from a 9N is by using serial numbers. Search your engine for the engraved serial number. Look at the upper part of your engine block, just behind the oil filter. Ford 8N models start with an “8N”, while 9N starts with “9N.”

What is a 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor worth?

The preauction estimate is $5,000-$7,000 which is not unreasonable. While Golden Jubilee NAA’s aren’t difficult to find they are popular with collectors and in like-new condition can command premium prices.

What size tires does a Ford 2N tractor have?

9N / 2N(1939-47), 3 X 19, 5 Lug, 9 3/4″ Center. Uses 4.00″ X 19″ Tire.

What is the HP of a Ford 9N tractor?

Ford 9N

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Ford 9N Power
Drawbar (claimed): 12.68 hp 9.5 kW
Belt (claimed): 20.29 hp 15.1 kW
Plows: 2 (14-inch)
Drawbar (tested): 16.31 hp 12.2 kW

How much did a Ford 8n tractor cost new?

Ford 8N

Manufacturer: Ford
Factory: Highland Park, Michigan, USA
Total built: 524,000
Original price: $1,404 (1952 )

Does 8N have live PTO?

One disadvantage of the Ford N’s was, they are not Live pto and Live hydraulic. When you push the clutch in, they stop. The mower stops mowing and if it was raised, it lowers to the ground. Using a bush hog mower,you couldn’t stop and let the deck run.

What is a live PTO?

Live (two-stage clutch)

A live PTO works with the use of a two-stage clutch. Pressing the clutch half-way will disengage the transmission while pressing it fully will disengage the transmission and the PTO. This allows the operator to slow down or change gears while the PTO is still operating.

How fast does a Ford 8N go?

A 1952 Ford 8N tractor dubbed the “8NCREDIBLE,” has taken the title of world’s fastest farm tractor, reaching a speed of 96.3185 miles per hour.