What causes lawn mower to bog down?

The most common reason why lawn mowers bog down, especially mulching mowers, is grass clippings sticking to the underside of the deck. If your mower packs in too many clippings, there’s not enough room for the clippings to cycle and the blade to keep turning. Fixing this is easy enough, it’s just a messy job.

Why does my mower bog down when I engage the blades?

sharpen your blades, dull blades create a nasty load and can bog your mower down a bit. you may want to check your spindles as well and make sure they spin freely, and grease them if you can.

Why does my lawn mower chug?

Dirty air filters are one of the most common reasons lawn mowers sputter. Dirt can be present in the apertures that lead from the carburetor and the fuel filter and interrupt the flow of fuel supply to the combustion chamber. You want to be sure to clean or replace dirty air filters.

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What causes a lawn mower to run sluggish?

Because a lawn mower is powered by a combustion engine that is powered by liquid fuel, clogging is a major issue that slows down or even shuts down performance. In fact clogging can occur in many areas of the lawn mower, including the fuel line, the gas cap, the carburetor, the “needle and seat” and the air filter.

Why does my lawn mower sound like it’s going to stall?

Problems in the Fuel System

Check and clean the vent. Surging is also caused by water that got into the fuel. A mower left in a heavy rain or condensation on a hot summer day can choke the engine. Empty the gas tank, properly dispose of the old fuel and try a fresh batch of gasoline.

Why does my Honda lawn mower dies when I engage the blades?

Engine, Gas and Filter Problems

Bad fuel or an empty fuel tank can also cause your Honda mower to stall when starting and engaging the blades. Make sure there is fuel in the gas tank before starting. … Clogged fuel filters, carburetor and ignition malfunctions and stuck valves can also cause stalling.

Why does my lawn tractor stall when mowing uphill?

Reasons Mowers Stall

If you have a steeply graded property, hill stalling is often a sign your mower is not strong enough to perform the task at hand. Another reason this occurs is due to problems with the engine, such as bad spark plugs and ignition coils, a clogged carburetor or a worn out transmission.

Why is lawn mower revving up and down?

A carburetor that’s incorrectly adjusted is a common cause of poor engine idling that results in hunting and surging. Fortunately, most lawnmowers have two screws that allow you to adjust the carburetor yourself. One screw controls the idle speed while the other adjusts the idle mixture.

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How do you fix a lawn mower sputter?

How to Fix a Sputtering Lawnmower

  1. Remove the cap of the gas tank and look in at the gas. Inspect the gas for signs of water. …
  2. Turn the mower over so the oil case is sitting under the carburetor. …
  3. Remove the screw holding the air filter cover in place. …
  4. Check the underside of the unit for caked on grass.

How can I make my lawn mower faster?


  1. The engine pulley. Lawn mowers always come complete with belt systems that can be made quicker by simply changing the size of the pulley. …
  2. The governor. The governor is designed to control fuel flow to the mower engine. …
  3. The air filter. …
  4. The engine oil.

How do I get more power out of my lawn mower?

How to Get More HP Out of a Lawn Mower Engine

  1. Remove the flywheel housing from the top of your engine. …
  2. Unscrew the bolt holding the governor flap next to the flywheel with the proper sized wrench. …
  3. Inspect the muffler. …
  4. Fill the gas tank on your mower with a high octane gas. …
  5. Maximize the air flow.

Can a bad spark plug cause a mower to stall?

A bad spark plug often causes an engine cylinder to misfire or sound like it’s struggling. The engine might even stall out completely while you are mowing. You may also notice that it becomes increasingly more difficult to restart the mower each time that it dies.

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