What are the advantages of rainwater harvesting in urban areas?

Why is rainwater harvesting important in urban areas?

resources are either lacking or insufficient, rainwater harvesting offers an ideal solution. n Helps in utilising the primary source of water and prevent the runoff from going into sewer or storm drains, thereby reducing the load on treatment plants. n Reduces urban flooding.

What are the advantages of harvesting rainwater?

There are many advantages of harvesting rainwater, some of which include:

  • It is absolutely free to use and a clean source of water. …
  • It is easy to install. …
  • It can be used for many different purposes. …
  • It is environmentally friendly. …
  • It is excellent for irrigation. …
  • It reduces the use of ground water.

How is rainwater harvested in urban areas?

In urban areas, rainwater can be collected from the roof, paved and unpaved areas of a house, a block of flats, a colony, a park, a playground, parking areas, schools, office complexes lakes and tanks. There are two ways of using the harvested rainwater: Storing in receptacles. Recharging into the aquifer.

Why is rainwater harvesting important in India give two reasons?

(i) India has seasonal erratic and uneven rainfall. Also, in the dry season, some parts of India have scarcity of water, e.g. in Rajasthan. (ii) With the help of rainwater harvesting techniques, water can be conserved and used during the dry season.

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What is the importance rainwater harvesting in India?

Rainwater harvesting and management hold tremendous potential for alleviating storm-water runoff and reducing groundwater consumption, particularly in urban areas. …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rainwater harvesting?

The advantages of rainwater harvesting are:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Conserves water.
  • A source of water for landscape irrigation.
  • It is a simple method and easy to practice.
  • It reduces soil erosion and pollution of water bodies due to fertilizers and pesticides.

What are the limitations in rainwater harvesting in urban areas?

Disadvantages of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Unpredictable Rainfall. Rainfall is hard to predict, and sometimes little, or no rainfall can limit the supply of rainwater. …
  • Initial High Cost. …
  • Regular Maintenance. …
  • Certain Roof Types may Seep Chemicals or Animal Droppings. …
  • Storage Limits.

Why is water harvesting important in our country?

The water harvesting is desirable for our country because there are many arid and semi-arid regions where there is scarcity of water. Explanation: … The water harvesting is also desirable to prevent the loss of fresh water for the purpose of sanitation and irrigation.