Quick Answer: How do you get a horse in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

How do you get a horse in harvest moon?

In the first year of Spring, you can visit the Yodel Ranch and see May and Barley talking about the Pony. Barley will say that the Pony doesn’t look happy. But Barley will give you a favor to take care of the Pony until it grows up into a Horse. Then you will now obtain a Horse.

How do you have a baby in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

After about a season of being married, your wife will say that she’s not feeling very well. You take her to the clinic and find out that she is going to have a baby! You then have to wait for 60 days before the baby’s born. She’ll do her normal stuff for the 60 days.

What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town?

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town: Best Ways To Make Gold Fast

  1. 9 Go Fishing.
  2. 10 Grab A Basket. …
  3. 11 Make Smart Choices With Livestock. …
  4. 12 Use The Nature Sprites. …
  5. 13 Choose Your Crops Wisely. …
  6. 14 Vary Your Harvests. …
  7. 15 Forage For Valuables. …
  8. 16 Set Your Game Mode To Easy. …
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How many kids can you have in Sosfomt?

How to Have a Kid. After you complete the marriage requirements and get married, you can have one child with your spouse. In general, the child events will naturally occur as you play through the game. You do not need to buy a new bed or upgrade your house size.

Can you have a child with the harvest goddess?

Children. Unlike every other regular candidate, the Harvest Goddess will not be around to help you raise your children. You must have 16 hearts before you can activate the child request event from the Harvest Goddess in which she asks your character about possibly having children.

What can I sell to Huang?

After raising your friendship with Huang to 4 friendship notes (100 FP) or more, you have at least 500 G, and there’s an empty slot in your rucksack, Huang will visit your farmhouse on the 4th of every season. The merchant will offer to sell you a SUGDB Apple, HMSGB Apple, or AEPFE Apple for 500 G.

What is the basket for in Harvest Moon?

Storage. Jeff sells rucksack enlargements, and a basket that can hold 30 shippable goods at a time.

How do you get van’s favorite in story of seasons?

Acquiring Van’s Favorite

You’ll receive your package once you’ve performed 10 specific in-game actions. These include upgrading a tool at the Forge, upgrading your home at the Workshop, and selling your animals.