Is Dixon a good mower?

Are Dixon riding mowers good?

Its high-speed and great power makes the dixon lawn mower Speedztr 30 an excellent residential zero turn mower. While it does cost a bit far more than others, it might be very easily justified by its compact size and excellent productivity, generating it a solid choice despite getting to devote much more.

Who makes Dixon mower?

Husqvarna has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of Dixon Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Blount International Inc., according to two separate news releases issued by Blount and Husqvarna. Dixon Industries is a leading manufacturer of zero-turn riding lawnmowers, according to a news release dated June 30.

When did Dixon stop making mowers?

Husqvarna Terminates Dixon Brand Lawnmowers. Back in mid-August, Husqvarna announced that it would stop producing Dixon-branded lawnmowers for the North American market at the end of this year (2014).

Which zero turn mower is most reliable?

Husqvarna is the best and most reliable brand for zero-turn lawn mowers. That’s how Husqvarna earned three spots in our top 10.

What is a Dixon mower?

A veteran in the outdoor power equipment industry, Dixon Industries, Inc. manufactures a full line of zero turning radius lawnmowers. Dixon’s line of ZTR riding mowers captured consumer interest in the 1970s as the first zero turning radius mowers affordable to most homeowners.

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Why did Dixon mowers go out of business?

“The decision to phase out the Dixon brand is part of the Husqvarna Group’s strategic plan, a strategy that seeks to reduce operational complexity, improve efficiency and give additional focus to the consumer,” said Jeff Dewosky, Vice President – Dealer Sales, Husqvarna.

When did Husqvarna buy Dixon?

Husqvarna added the Dixon brand to its roster in 2006, when it acquired Dixon Industries, a subsidiary of Blount International.

What happened to Husqvarna?

As a result, the company will end operations in its McRae, Georgia, location. The company says the exit will enable more focus on and investments in future profitable growth areas such as robotic lawnmowers, digitization and technology for battery powered products. …

What engine does Husqvarna use?

Lawn Mowers & Tractors

This 46-inch Husqvarna lawn tractor comes with a 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high-back seat and a washout port. It also has quick-change cutting blades that require no tools.

Where is the model number on a Dixon mower?

The model numbers are located on the body of the mower near the bottom of the seat, or on both sides of the front of the body above the wheels. The serial numbers are located on the left rear corner of the riding mowers, behind the engine. The name “DIXON” is on the front of the mowers.

Are gravely zero turns good?

If you are looking for your first zero turn mower, the Gravely ZT is a good model to start with. It’s available in three cutting widths, features seven cutting heights and is comfortable and easy to use. The mower is designed for yards up to 3 acres, depending on the size of the cutting deck.

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Are Gravely mowers good?

Gravely mowers are a great investment if you have a commercial landscaping business. They are tough, durable, and can mow just about any terrain. They have a decent selection of mowers, from walk behinds to heavy-duty zero turns. The price is affordable, with a good ROI.

What is the most comfortable zero turn mower?

Toro has the most comfortable zero-turn mower on the market – period. Toro makes many different mowers but the Toro MyRIDE is the best riding mower for rough lawns. The MyRIDE suspension system has comfort features providing ultimate comfort and a smooth ride.