How wide is a John Deere 3038E?

How wide is a John Deere 3032e?

John Deere 3032E Dimensions

Wheelbase: 60 inches 152 cm
Width: 56.5 inches 143 cm (min)
58 inches 147 cm (max)
Height (hood): 51 inches 129 cm

How much does a John Deere 3038e tractor weight?

John Deere 3038E

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 60 inches 152 cm
Weight: 2,175 lbs 986 kg
Front tire: 7.00-14
Rear tire: 11.2-24

How much does a John Deere 3038e with a loader weigh?

Key Specs

Engine power (gross) 27.4 kW 36.7 hp
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 615 kg 1356 lb
Standard transmission; forward/reverse Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Cruise control Optional
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab) Open operator station (OOS): 1210 kg 2668 lb Cab: Not applicable

What is the width of a John Deere tractor?

John Deere A Dimensions

Length: 124 inches 314 cm
Width: 83 inches 210 cm
86.325 inches 219 cm
Height: 60 inches 152 cm

Can you put a backhoe on a John Deere 3032E?

Correct- the 3032E uses a cast aluminum rear case. That is probably why Deere never developed a backhoe for it.

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What Loader fits a John Deere 3032E?

300e Front Loader with 61″ Quick-Detachment Bucket.

Manufacturer John Deere
Lift Capacity 1186

Is a 3038e a good tractor?

I love my John Deere 3038e and highly recommend it. Plenty of power, iMatch system, quick attach front implements, perfect size, smooth running and easy on fuel.

How tall is a John Deere 3038e?

Overall height is 244.3 cm (96.2 in.) with R3 tires, 242.1 cm (95.3 in.) with R4 tires, 244.6 cm (96.3 in.)

How long is a John Deere 3038e?

John Deere 3038E Dimensions

Wheelbase: 60 inches 152 cm
Length: 111 inches 281 cm
Width: 56.5 inches 143 cm (min)
58 inches 147 cm (max)

What engine is in a John Deere 3038e tractor?

John Deere 3038E Engine

Engine Detail
Yanmar 3TNV84T
Displacement: 91.5 ci 1.5 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.30×3.54 inches 84 x 90 mm

What oil does a John Deere 3038e take?

(1) quart of 15W40 John Deere Plus 50 II engine oil.

Are John Deere tractors good?

Are John Deere tractors reliable? According to, John Deere tractors are among the best and most reliable. In fact, some say these tractors are the most reliable tractors of all. But no matter how reliable a brand becomes in terms of its reputation among consumers, problems still arise.

How wide is an average tractor?

The average width of a standard utility farm tractor is 6.2 feet (74.4 inches). Type of tires, spacing of the tires, accessories and/or implements can also effect the overall width of a farm tractor.

How wide is a John Deere 6930 Premium?

John Deere 6930 Premium Dimensions

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Wheelbase: 104.3 inches 264 cm
Width: 93.8 inches 238 cm
Height: 114.4 inches 290 cm
Front tread: 63.9 to 83.3 inches 162 to 211 cm

How wide is a John Deere 5115m?

John Deere 5115M Dimensions

Wheelbase: 92.5 inches 234 cm
Length: 163 inches 414 cm
Height (ROPS): 98.5 inches 250 cm
Height (cab): 101.5 inches 257 cm