How does a hay baler knotter work?

As the bale is formed, the twine is pulled from the twine box around the bale. … The gear teeth on the intermittent knotter gear then operates the disk driving pinion and turns the disk sufficiently to permit the twine holder to secure both strands of twine in the disk. At this stage, the bill hook starts its revolution.

What is knotter machine?

This device is used in binders and balers to tie a knot in string or wire used to ‘bind’ or ‘tie’ the sheaves of corn or straw and hay up.

Who invented the baler knotter?

Appleby knew that twine was the answer. He organized the Appleby Reaper Works in 1874 at Mazomanie, Wisconsin. After persistent experimenting, he patented the Appleby Knotter in 1878 and a binder in 1879. In 1881, Appleby sold his invention to Cyrus McCormick for $35,000.

What is a knotter?

noun. a person or thing that ties knots. a device that ties knots in thread during the manufacture of yarn. a person or thing that takes out or removes knots.

What are precut knives on a baler?

Balers with pre-cutting systems use knives to cut the forage before it forms into a bale. This is done with a rotor placed behind the pickup, pulling the crop over a set of knives and into the bale chamber.

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How are square bales made?

Back in the 1950s and 60s, most hay was put up in square bales. … Farmers cut hay in the field and let it dry for several days in the sun. Then they raked the dried hay into rows and ran baling equipment over the rows. This produced the bales.

Why are hay bales left in fields?

Why do farmers leave hay bales in the field? – Quora. For drying,seasoning,kill weed seeds,storage(you can’t put round bales in a hay mow). If feeding to cattle they still get good use out of it because of their multiple stomachs and cud chewing.

What is the smallest hay baler?

Abbriata makes square balers in 3 sizes. The smallest of the three, the Mini/S, has a total width of only 59 inches, making it the narrowest baler in the compact square baler class. The narrow width is great if you have gates or trees through which you need to navigate.

How much does hay baler cost?

A good, serviceable square baler can be found from $500 to $2,500 depending on where your small farm is located and what time of year it is purchased. The baler compresses the hay into a packed bale weighing around 38 or 40 pounds, easily manageable by a lone farmer.