How do you read tractor tire sizes?

Locate your tire size on the sidewall of the tire. The first number represents the overall WIDTH when mounted and inflated to the proper air pressure but it is measured in millimeters. Divide this number by 25.4 to convert to inches. This will become the second number for a traditional tractor tire size.

What do the numbers mean on tractor tires?

The three-number lawn tractor tires numbering system works a bit differently. … The first number before the “x” indicates the tire’s diameter when inflated and not under load. The middle number between the “x” and the “-,” indicates the tire’s width. The final number indicates the width of the rim.

What does tire size 20×10 8 mean?

The numbers 20-10-8 represent the dimensions of the tire. The first number is the height, the second number is the width & the third number is the diameter of rim that it will fit on. … As long as the width of the tire is greater than the width of the rim they should mount together just fine.

How tall is a 14.9 x28 tractor tire?

Convensional vs Metric

Convention. Size Overall Dia. Overall Width
14.9R-28 53.8 14.9
14.9R-30 55.8 14.9
16.9R-28 56.5 16.9
18.4R-26 57.1 18.4
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What does 4.00 mean on a tire?

The two most common sizes are 4.00 – 6 and 4.10 – 6. The first number is the height of the tire sidewall, and the second number is the rim diameter. To get the overall diameter you need to do some math! 6 (rim diameter) + 4.00 (sidewall height) X 2 = 14 inches total diameter.

What size is a 8 16 tractor tire?

Carlisle Farm Specialist Tractor Tire, 8-16

Size 8-16
Tread Depth 32 32nds
Rim Size 16 Inches
Speed Rating C
Tire Diameter 31 inches

Will a 20×10 8 tire fit 20×8 8?

The “-8” indicates the size of the rim, so yes a 20×10. 00-8 bead will fit the rim as well as a 20×8.

Will a 20×8 8 tire fit 20×10 8 rim?

I have 20x8x8 will a 20x10x8 fit that rim? Answer: Better not. The required rim width for 20x8x8 is 6″ but for 20x10x8 you need a 8″ width rim.

What does LRB mean on a tire?

Maximum Load

LT-Metric and Flotation Light Truck Tires
Load Range Abbreviated Max Load Pressure > 295mm / 11.5″ wide
Load Range B (LRB)
Load Range C (LRC) 35 psi (240 kPa)***
Load Range D (LRD) 50 psi (350 kPa)***

How much does a tractor tire cost?

How much do tractor tires cost? A radial design tractor tire from Titan Tire Corporation has an average retail price of US$1,600 to US$2,900. Some new tires might come cheaper at US$400, but still, it costs a fortune for many. Buying used tractor tires will save you from breaking your bank.