Do tractors have to be taxed?

Do tractors need to be taxed?

Although a tractor qualifies as an exempt vehicle as it is designed and constructed for off-road use, there are some instances where this type of vehicle can actually be driven on a public road. The exceptions are: Agriculture, forestry or horticulture. Cutting verges bordering public roads.

Is there a road tax on tractors?

At present, agricultural tractors are exempted from road tax and only pay Rs 50 as registration fee. Once they are brought under the ‘transport’ category, tractor owners would be paying road taxes on par with commercial taxes.

Do tractors pay road tax UK?

Introduction. If you or your business use agricultural vehicles, they may require a different licence and may even be exempt from vehicle tax. … However, most agricultural tractors mounted on wheels can be driven on the public highway by anyone who has passed a car driving test.

How much is it to tax a tractor?

How much motor tax will I need to pay?

Type of Vehicle Annual € Arrears Monthly € #
General Haulage tractor 333 33.30
Machine/workshop/contrivance (including “recovery vehicle”) 333 33.30
Island Vehicles 102 10.20
Agriculture tractor, trench digger and excavator 102 10.20

Are tractors MOT exempt?

“Although many tractors do not require a roadworthiness test, all tractor owners must ensure their vehicle is roadworthy before using it on the public road,” said the DfT, in its ruling. … “This is a legal requirement.

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