Best answer: What happened to White tractors?

White Farm Equipment is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, now discontinued except for planters, and owned by AGCO.

When did white stop making tractors?

White Motors, the parent company of the Oliver Corporation, acquired Cockshutt in 1962. The Cockshutt name continued to be used until 1972, when they were slowly phased out by White. Cockshutt tractors were never built again.

Where were white tractors manufactured?

In 1969, Oliver, Minneaplois-Moline and Cockshutt formed White Farm Equipment with headquarters in Oak Brook, Illionois. The parent company White Motor Corporation’s headquarters remained in Clevland, Ohio. The first White brand articulated 4wd tractors debuted in 1969.

What happened to the Oliver Tractor Company?

acted as the parent company of the White Farm Equipment Company and continued to exist until the farm equipment division was sold to TIC in 1980, and the truck division was sold to Volvo in 1981. The last Oliver green tractor to roll off the assembly line bearing the Oliver name was in 1976 with the 2255 designation.

When did Oliver go out of business?


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Predecessor Oliver Chilled Plow Nichols and Shepard American Seeding Machine Company Hart-Parr
Founder(s) James Oliver
Defunct 1976
Headquarters South Bend, USA
Products agriculture machinery tractor

Does Massey Ferguson still make tractors?

Today, Massey Ferguson sells its products worldwide and operates eight global manufacturing locations. Tractors manufactured at its Beauvais (France), Changzhou (China), Canoas (Brazil), and Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil) factories.

Does White still make farm tractors?

White Farm Equipment is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, now discontinued except for planters, and owned by AGCO.

Did White tractors go out of business?

White Corporation bought Oliver in 1960. In 1974, they changed the name to White Farm Equipment. In 1985, White went bankrupt and Agco bought the remains.

Who bought David Brown tractors?

LONDON, July 7—The David Brown Corporation, a major British engineering group, has sold its tractor manufacturing interests to Tenneco, Inc., of Houston for more than $33‐ million.

What company bought Allis Chalmers?

Lime Rock Partners | Seawell to Acquire Allis-Chalmers Energy in USD 890 Million Transaction.

Who bought Minneapolis Moline?

1963: Minneapolis Moline is purchased by the White Motor Company. After 10 years of decline, Minneapolis Moline is folded into the Tractor Division of White Motor Corp.

What engines did Oliver tractors use?

In order to be more efficient in production (and less expensive to the consumer), Oliver designed these three tractors with the same engine: an Oliver-Waukesha 5.1L 6-cylinder diesel engine. (The 1755 and 1855 also had gasoline options).

What color is Oliver tractors?

These were identical to the domestic versions except for paint colors. Hart-Parr tractors were red with yellow lettering; Oliver tractors were red with cream grilles and trim and yellow lettering.

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What did James Oliver invent?

Though his name is not nearly as familiar as John Deere’s, James Oliver of South Bend revolutionized agriculture with his invention of a new type of plow. An 1878 advertisement for the Oliver Chilled Plow boasted: “Buy no other.

What was the first Oliver tractor?

The first Oliver tractor was the 18-28 introduced in 1930. Oliver was purchased by White Motor in 1960 and by 1973 the Oliver name was dropped when White consolidated tractor lines into the White brand.