Are zero turn mowers bad on hills?

Zero turn mowers struggle on hills because the center of gravity is high. Also, the wheels in the front are small and lack traction which reduces stability. If the incline of the hill is greater than 10-15 degrees, a zero turn mower is not a good option.

Is a zero turn mower good on hills?

Zero turn mowers use versatile caster wheels in the front to maneuver quickly around the lawn, especially if you have curved garden edges or walkways. … However, zero turn mowers can run into trouble on hills, particularly steeper ones, says the Consumer Reports website.

How much slope can a zero turn mower?

Depending on the surroundings, you may feel more comfortable mowing from side to side or up and down a hill. But in either case, hills can cause loss of traction. Never drive your Zero Turn mower on any slopes greater than 15 degrees.

Which lawn mower is best for hills?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to select the best riding lawn mower for hills.

  • BEST OVERALL: CRAFTSMAN T310 Turn Tight 24-HP V-twin Riding Mower.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Troy-Bilt TB 30 in. …
  • BEST ELECTRIC: Ryobi 38 in. …
  • BEST ZERO-TURN: Toro 42 in 22.5 HP Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower.
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What kind of mower is best for hills?

Best Types of Lawn Mowers for Hills

The two safest types of mowers for hilly terrain are the self-propelled mower and a ride-on mower. A self-propelled mower uses its motor to be the driving force of its wheels, unlike a push mower, which relies on you to push it.

What is the steepest slope you can mow?

In general, you should never mow a slope greater than 20 degrees with a walk-behind mower or more than 15 degrees on a riding mower. Zero-turn-radius riding mowers are safest on slopes of less than 10 degrees.

How do you mow a steep hill with a lawn tractor?

Go Slow. Moving slowly and steadily is key to mowing a slope safely. Running the lawn tractor at a high speed can cause you to lose control of the machine. Drive the lawn tractor at a low speed so you can approach the hill slowly without shifting gears while on the slope.

How steep can zero turn handle?

Why Zero Turn Mowers Struggle on Hills

This makes it hard for them to go on steep hills. Generally speaking, ZTRs can handle a yard that has a slope, but once the slope is greater than 10 or 15 degrees, they don’t have enough traction. A standard mower works much better on a hill because it has traction and stability.

How steep is too steep for a riding mower?

Mowing steep slopes can also be dangerous when people are not careful since mowers can topple over. AS Motor explains that standard walk-behind mowers are usually good up to a 20-degree incline, and riding mowers will work safely up to 15 degrees.

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Are zero turns worth the money?

Zero-turn mowers start around $2,500 and go well above $5,000, and you may have to buy a bagging kit separately. If your yard spans several acres and/or has a wide range of trees and flowers you need to mow around, a zero-turn model may be well worth it for the time it saves.