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TITAN in Asia (22-02-2017)

Cambodia and Vietnam added to the growing list of Asian markets.


40’ ArcticStore delivered for dairy products

Sekarang berada dalam 6 rantau (28-01-2017)

Arctic Superstore telah menjadi amat terkenal

ArcticStore Malaysia (27-01-2017)

Pada bulan November 2016, TITAN Containers, melalui kerjasama SPRO SOLUTIONS, telah berjaya memenuhi dan mendapatkan kontrak sewa Arcticstore dengan syarikat katering yang menjadi pembekal makanan kepada ruang istirihat ulung di lapangan terbang utama Malaysia.

TITAN in Malaysia (27-01-2017)

TITAN secures rental contract for our ArcticStore with a catering company that is supplying food to the main airport premier lounges.

DNV 2.7-1 EN 12079-1 CCU/offshore Containers
for hire and sale Malaysia

Please follow this link for further information

Local supply from Malaysian depots in Labuan, Kemaman and Klang of many 6', 8', 10' and 20' offshore container types and cargo carrying units or CCU's including DNV 2.7-1 reefer, dry & open top with hard top (or tarpaulin) containers all manufactured in accordance with DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079-1.

The TITAN CCU/DNV container
offshore program includes:

  • DNV standard containers - 6ft 8ft 10ft 20ft
  • DNV refrigerated containers - 10ft 20ft
  • DNV hard top open top - 10ft 20ft
  • DNV soft top open top - 10ft 20ft
  • DNV ½ height open top/bins - 10ft 20ft. Half height open tops can be used as bins without tarpaulins is a brand of TITAN Containers.

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