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Onshore facilities

TITAN supply modern portable cold storage solutions for onshore supply chandlers and caterers & we also supply new & used shipping containers

75m2 on shore refrigerated storage facility75m2 on shore refrigerated storage facilityAs new supply ports for off shore industry open reliable and inexpensive cold storage can be issue.

Our range of portable cold storage products is second to none! ArcticStores from 6m2 to 24m2 and Superstores from 25m2 to as big as you want can often be delivered and installed worldwide in a matter of weeks.

For further information about our on shore temperature controlled storage solutions please visit our dedicated cold storage portal or download the brochures ArcticStores and/or SuperStores

ArcticStore models:

10ft ArcticStore10ft ArcticStore20ft ArcticStore20ft ArcticStore40ft ArcticStore40ft ArcticStoreEasy doors all modelsEasy doors all models

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